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Cantini Raffaello has always been synonymous with excellence and respect for the environment. With a history that dates back over 150 years, we combine craftsmanship with technological innovation, creating products that meet the needs of an ever-changing world.

The Tuscan origins

Luigi Guarnieri and the first soaps

In Sesto Fiorentino, Luigi Guarnieri, Raffaello Cantini's great-grandfather, began the history of Cantini Raffaello Srl, producing and selling laundry soaps based on ash and soda.

A prestigious recognition

The Gold Medal in Milan

Luigi and his son Mario receive the Gold Medal at the Esposizioni Riunite del Lavoro in Milan, rewarding their commitment and the quality of their products.

The evolution of the company

Raffaello Cantini and mechanization

Raffaello, Mario's nephew, leads the company towards an evolution in the production and creation of new products, introducing mechanization.

Continuity and innovation

The sixth generation and respect for the planet

Marco and Fabio, Raffaello's sons, and subsequently Francesco and Andrea, Marco's sons, carry on the family tradition, introducing themes of sustainability and innovation in research.

Cantini Raffaello Srl is a family-run company that has been dedicated to the production and sale of detergent products for over 150 years , expertly combining tradition and innovation . Our history has deep roots in the Tuscany region and begins in 1870 in Sesto Fiorentino, where Luigi Guarnieri, Raffaello Cantini's great-grandfather, produced and sold laundry soaps made with ash and soda.

Tradition and innovation in detergents

In 1921, the commitment and passion of Luigi and his son Mario were rewarded with the Gold Medal at the Esposizioni Riunite del Lavoro in Milan. From that moment, the company continues to grow and evolve, thanks to the entry of Raffaello Cantini, Mario's nephew. In the 40s of the last century, Raphael introduced important innovations , both in the creation of new products and in the mechanization of production.

The sixth generation and environmental commitment

The 1980s marked the entry into the history of the company of the sixth generation , represented by Marco and Fabio, Raffaello's sons, and subsequently by Francesco and Andrea, Marco's sons. Thanks to their passion and dedication, the Cantini family manages to combine tradition with modern themes, such as respect for the environment and the search for innovative solutions .

Quality, reliability and sustainability

Today, Cantini Raffaello Srl is synonymous with quality , reliability and sustainability . Our mission is to offer ecological and high-performance products , capable of meeting the needs of our customers and contributing to the well-being of our planet. Our history is made of men, values ​​and traditions, to which we have wisely added professional skills, research and innovation, to continue to grow and establish ourselves in the detergent market.