Tradition and Quality for Your Cleaning

Sapone di Toscana


Liters of soap produced every month


Years of experience at your service


Products made entirely in Italy

Let yourself be enveloped by the scents and colors of a unique land

A Sensory Journey in the Land of Tuscany

The Sapone di Toscana line takes you on a sensorial journey through the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany, a land of tastes, colors and scents. Our products contain the essence of fields, vineyards, sea and lakes, offering a wide range of solutions to satisfy every need.

"Our Sapone di Toscana line stands out for highly concentrated products with an enveloping scent, which are appreciated by the whole family."

For high-level cleansing

Tradition and Innovation

Each product in the Sapone di Toscana line is born and developed through a path that combines tradition and innovation. Our detergents and softeners have been designed to offer deep cleaning and an intense, long-lasting fragrance, while respecting the fabrics and their natural softness.

Products created with passion and attention to every detail

Quality and Reliability in Laundry Care

The care in processing and the concentrated formulas of our products guarantee cleaning quality and an excellent fragrance.