Washing machine detergent - White flowers & Irises

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  • Fragrance: White flowers & Iris
  • Quantity: 1.85 litres
Up to 40 washes

Effective product to maintain the color of your clothes and thanks to its concentration your clothes will be clean and fragrant for a long time.

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Washing machine detergent - White flowers & Irises

Washing machine detergent - White flowers & Irises


Cantini Raffaello S.R.L.

Pickup available, usually ready in 4 hours

Via del Casone 63A
51039 Quarrata PT

Liquid detergent, gives impeccable cleanliness thanks to its cleaning formula that acts in depth. The intense and fresh notes of white flowers and irises give the garments a pleasant scent, a "breath of spring" that lasts a long time. The easy grip makes it easy to use.
How do you use this product?
  • Dose the product into the appropriate tray
  • Do not overuse
  • Follow the recommended dosages for best yield

Durezza dell'acquadolce 0-45F° media 16-25F°dura oltre 25F°
1 tappo = 70 gr.
A MANO1/211+1/2

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